Hedge Trimming

Many gardens feature a bordering hedge of some description as they provide a degree of privacy and security. Hedge trimming ensures that the hedge remains neat, tidy and an attractive feature of the garden. Doing this regularly trains the hedge to look tight and full and avoids the need to cut back heavily. If left neglected, cutting back heavily can result in a bare and unpleasant looking hedge which may take some time to recover (some species may not recover at all). Hedge trimming little but often is the key to a perfect hedge. We can also reduce the overall height of a hedge if required.

Why choose us to trim your hedges?

Hedge trimming has become a speciality for Ashwood Tree Care and over the years the same customers keep coming back, here's why:

  1. Our hedge trimmers are in constant rotation for sharpening so we can deliver an outstanding finish every time.
  2. We have a level eye when it comes to straight edges and will settle for nothing less than perfect.
  3. We have also become very experienced with different varieties of hedges and know exactly how hard to trim them.
  4. Hedge trimming can generate a large amount of waste and we clear the lot.