Leaf Clearance

After leaf fall in the Autumn Ashwood Tree Care are responsible for the leaf clearance in many gardens, parks, residential and commercial properties. Although a fairly straight forward procedure this service isn't just for aesthetics. Due to the vast quantities of leaves that Autumn can create, leaf clearance is essential for the following reasons:

  • Prevention of injury due to slipping.
  • Prevention of injury due to vehicle skidding.
  • Prevention of large and small scale flooding.
  • Maintaining healthily lawns and park land.
  • Allows sunlight, water and nutrients to reach the ground below.
  • Prevents unsightly bare patches from taking hold.
  • Prevents blockages in gutters and down pipes.
  • Prevents build up of leaf debris in roof valleys leading to damp.

Why choose Ashwood Tree Care?

Each year Ashwood Tree Care clear tonnes of leaves from various sites, and as with all our waste this debris is taken to a composting yard where everything is recycled. The optimal time for leaf clearance is November and December as by this time the majority of leaves have already fallen. With petrol driven blowers, plenty of man power and the right vehicles to clear the waste, Ashwood Tree Care make short work of the largest of leaf clearance jobs.