Stump Removal

In some circumstances stump removal may be necessary, the stump may be in the wrong place or may continue to produce sucker shoots depending on it's species as felling alone may not kill the trees root system. In which case we have access to a variety of machinery to accommodate this service depending on location, access and size. Stump removal is often the last stage of permanent tree removal, as once trees have been felled, you will have been left with an unsightly, ground level stump. If this is not an issue for you it can be left in the ground, but may cause problems in the future. These problems include the likes of root diseases and fungi such as honey fungus. After the stump has been removed the area is then ready to be prepared for turfing, fencing, brickwork, planting or whatever else is desired.

How do we do it?

With smaller stumps we will remove them in the good old fashioned manner of hand tools and plenty of elbow grease, however the larger more established stumps will require the use of specialist equipment called a stump grinder. Stump grinding in recent years has become the more conventional method for stump removal as it is much more thorough and efficient. Although, we have to careful when stump grinding as underground drainage systems and power cables can become damaged if not located properly. Majority of the time we can visually locate these services but sometimes the help of service maps or the customers general knowledge of the property is needed.