Crown Reduction

With crown reduction and re-shaping a percentage of the overall height and size of the tree is reduced evenly throughout the crown taking its natural shape into consideration. This process may be carried out for a number of reasons:

  1. The tree maybe too large for its permitted space.
  2. The overall size of the tree maybe too heavy for its species ie; Ash trees are susceptible to strong winds or heavy snow so crown reduction and re-shaping could help prevent the overloading and breaking of limbs or branches.
  3. If a tree is not structurally sound due to being unbalanced or too heavy in any given direction then crown reduction or re-shaping will accommodate its longevity.
  4. The tree may simply be out of shape.

How do we do it?

To carry out this procedure our trained personnel will access the tree using a rope, harness and whatever cutting equipment is necessary. Once in the tree we will climb throughout the trees canopy removing the ends of the branches back to the next union, collar or live growth, this in return will help prevent multiple growth spurts and also help to retain the trees natural shape.