Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is ideal for trees that are very dense with foliage and prevent light from passing through, consequently creating a darkened or dominated area. The crown thinning method requires the even removal of selected branches from within the trees canopy all the way through. This in turn will allow better air circulation (helps against disease) and more light to pass through the tree without affecting its natural shape or structural integrity. Different species of tree can tolerate different amounts of thinning, this can be discussed on our site meeting.

How do we do it?

To carry out this procedure our trained personnel will access the tree using a rope, harness and whatever cutting equipment is necessary. Once in the tree we will climb throughout the trees canopy removing the necessary branches, starting with the dead, dying, diseased, crossing and rubbing branches, or branches that may have weak crotches. When these branches have been removed an overview of the tree will take place, and if the tree still requires more thinning then we will continue to selectively remove more branches leaving a sturdy, lighter and evenly balanced canopy.